Friday, August 20, 2004

Tough Mini-Golf Loss


I lost at mini-golf by one stroke tonight. I shot a +3 at this new course on Moreland Road called stone-something-or-other. It was by far one of the toughest courses I have ever played.

And I have played A LOT of mini-golf in my lifetime.

It's like there were actually breaks in the greens. I'm like "excuse me? I have to bend down to check how my putt is going to go on a mini-golf course?" There is something just so utterly wrong about that.

But, I lost by one my brother. UGH! Such a tough loss since he hasn't played since the last time I beat him over at Prairieville Park (who by the way is having a tournament on September something, but I won't be in town for it. And that is MY course. I own that one!)

Yea, so I need to redeem myself on the greens now. This isn't like it was at Million Dollar Mulligan's in Orlando. I totally could've won this round of golf, but there were some putts that I just didn't make in the clutch.

Such a wicked disappointment.

Aight...'night, folks :)

Home Sweet Home

Well, so yes my dear patriots...I have made it safely home to Milwaukee.

I have seized the day. Experienced so, so much like...Well, its not so much about what one has experienced so much as it is the quality time with one's family. And that's the key part to this whole time back home (besides the R&R factor after I threw my back out).

My family is going to be selling the house. So, this will proby be one of my last times back in Wisconsin. Yes, I know. How tragic, isn't it? (And no, that wasn't sarcasm) I'm going to be spending part of my vacation packing up 23 years of my life into boxes that will go into storage until I graduate, then...who knows, right?

The worst part is -- I don't know where this puts my Dad and my brother. I don't think they really have a plan of action just yet. And I really don't expect them to...given today (Aug. 20) would have been my Mom's 80th Birthday.

Yea, talk about bad news coming at a VERY inopportune time, eh?

Well, just goes to show that things can change really quickly. So, go enjoy your lives (and homes) while you still have them. You never know when they'll be taken away from you.

You're proby thinking...she's holding up pretty well at the moment. Well, I'm trying. I was a complete basketcase when I found out on Wednesday, but hey...It was inevitable. Just didn't know when exactly. much drama. Time to go live some life, though!

'Till next time, folks...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Made It To Milwaukee

Just want to let everyone know that I've made it to Brewtown in one piece. Besides the man with BO sitting next to me, the flight was smooth.

Now, I'm just enjoying some pure Midwestern peace and quiet...

Till next time...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Taking Things Back

I take back any bitter feelings I may have harbored last night. I'm sorry. I was to blame.

Well, I'll be back in Boston September 4...Stay tuned for Milwaukee updates, though! :P

10 Hours Left

I've got about 10 hours left in Boston before my plane leaves at 7:45 p.m. from Logan Int'l. What to do in the "big city" before I leave for the "little city"?


I could:
  • Use those free Public Garden Swan Boat tickets that I have
  • Pack
  • Clean the apartment (yea, as if that's going to happen)
  • Listen to the men next door tearing up the apartment and throwing things at my window (Well, they're not purposefully throwing things at my window. I think these objects just happen to hit my window)
  • Watch some of the Olympic time trials in my roommies bedroom since she's at work
  • Work on that screenplay
  • Go find a cheap DiscMan somewhere since mine broke
  • Sit at the Pru and read a book

    So much to do, and yet it's 9 a.m. and I'm just sitting on the floor of my bedroom relaxing.

    Hey, there's not a thing wrong with that, is there?

    'Till next time.....
  • Have You Ever Had One of those Dreams...

    ...that were so realistic that you thought that what happened in the dream was reality? And then that it was hard to decipher between the dreamstate and real-life?

    Yah. I just had one of those. Freakiest things in the world. It's like I'm mad at a person for doing something in the dream that I know would never happen in reality. Yet, in reality, I'm still slightly mad at this person. Hmm. Yes, it is odd. I wonder what Freud would say about that? Probably tell me I had some sort of complex dating back to my childhood (which in all honesty is probably the case).

    But really, do you ever really wonder what those realistic dreams mean, or just dreams in general?

    I think Fox Mulder said it best on "The X-Files" once: "Dreams are the answers to questions we have not yet had the courage to ask."

    Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    I'm not bitter...


    I could be home already. I could be home already. I could be home already. I could be home already. I could be home already. I could be home already.

    Instead, where am I? Still in Boston -- that's where.

    And no, I didn't see a movie tonight. Can you tell I'm a little ticked off?

    But, dinner/ice cream/shopping with Melissa, a rousing game of Scattergories with Imaeyen and Claire, and the 200 Women's IM and Men's 200-IM made up for some lousy and disappointing early, evening-ness.

    No, really...I'm not bitter. I'll get over it. Nothing a few beers at Axel's tomorrow night can't handle. And wait...Isn't it $1.50 bottles???

    Ah, sweet home Milwaukee (that's Algonquin for beer people, you know?).......

    'Till next time, folks...

    Down to Two...

    Ok, we have narrowed it down to "Open Water" and "The Village."

    I should SO be working on the screenplay.................

    Movie Choices

    "Open Water," "A v. P," or "The Village" ???

    Online Dating

    I'll admit (although I probably shouldn't)...I posted a listing on one of those online dating websites. Hey, its all good. There are a few cute guys who seem to be pretty interesting on there.


    Why am I a magnet for the freaks!?

    I keep getting responses from people who, in all honesty, can seriously be deemed even quirkier and odder than me. Is that even possible?!?

    So, on one of them, just for giggles, I gave the question "If you could be any food, what would you be?"

    I've had answers like:

  • If I could be any food I would be kimchee. The reasion is it is spicy and tste great and has all kind of good vitimins minerals for you.

  • Food - probably pizza. Available at all hours, good hot or cold, lots of toppings to choose from. Versatile.

  • I'd have to say any type of pastry or baked goods. They sweet, irresistable, & can get nice & sticky under the right situations

  • A ham and cheese omlette. Simple, yet cosmopolitian. Appropreate for consumption anytime during the day. Wholesome but mysterious intriging- who knows what really lurks under that thin eggy exterior.

  • Well, that is easy, I'd be Swedish Fish, the candy because it is simple and sweet and I'd make people smile.

  • I will be a is Americas most favorite vegetable

  • I would be authentic Italian, because I would be able to be made in Italy, by Italian hands, and be enjoyed by lovers of Italian food.

    Now, you think I'm making this up? I'm totally serious. These are answers from real people. OK, the Swedish Fish answer was cute. I'll give you that one.

    I just don't know how people meet potential significant others like this. It's nuts. Albeit, I was trying to weed out weirdos, freaks, and just-plain-psychos, with a slightly off-key question. Yes, that was my mistake.

    I guess it's time to just going back to meeting people the old-fashioned way...

    'Till next time...
  • Monday, August 16, 2004

    Singing Obnoxiously In My Bedroom

    Ok, I think I know I piss my roommates off when I sing for hours endlessly and probably off-key in my bedroom. But, I just wonder how much I annoy the people underneath our apartment or next door. And I think they're renting out the third floor apartment next door starting in September. Great. Now I can't run around naked after my shower or sing obnoxiously out of fear of persecution by my peers.

    Well, I'm gonna keep singing, just going to keep that running around naked thing down to a minimum. :)

    Till next time...

    Life's Little Update Book

    Isn't that so bad when you don't even know what day it is? I've been wandering around all day thinking its Sunday when its really Monday. I was wondering why all these people were working and hustling about so. I guess that disorientation happens when you finally stop working for a second and have a vacation.

    Laundry update: Finished three loads of colors. Now, I just have to do two loads of whites and I'm all set to go.

    Packing update: You're kidding me, right?

    Cleaning out the fridge update: Just ate half a container of salsa...I'm not quite sure how long I had that in there. So, if I was proby the salsa. Safe bet.

    "Date" update: Going to go see "Open Water," "The Village," or "Alien vs. Predator" tomorrow. I'm awaiting my morning wake-up call anxiously......

    Boston weather update: Why is it August and I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. If memory serves me correctly, August is still summer. Is it not?!? I'm going to be sweating my balls off (wait, I don't have balls, but if I did, I would certainly be) in Wisconsin.

    Ok...I'm going to nap now...I've already did so much today. I even mailed a care package back home. Yea, it's only been sitting underneath dirty laundry for about two months. I'm soooo awful, aren't I?

    Till next time....

    Olympic Madness

    Yea, so to no surprise the USA Men's Basketball team got their asses schooled yesterday. But, c'mon...If we're going to lose, can we at least lose to like a major country where they've improved their programs greatly? How about China? Japan? Greece? Turkey?

    Puerto Rico!?!?

    They're our friggin' commonwealth. Wait just a darn second here. How does Puerto Rico even have its own Olympic team? Shouldn't they compete with us? That's like saying Massachusetts can field its own team, isn't it?

    There are just so many things wrong with the USA Men's Basketball program. For instance: WHY IS ALLEN IVERSON ON THIS TEAM!? He's a thug. They're calling this the "Dream Team" with Allen Iverson on it?? What boat did I not get on?

    I may be dating myself but I remember back in the day when the "Dream Team" consisted of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Christian Laettner (all right, Christian Laettner never really did that much in the pros...but he was super nice to me and did invite me to Atlanta that one time, but I digress).

    Anyways, something definitely needs to be done about the b-ball program...say...let's use college players. They still have passion for the game. Hell, just use the Men and Women's teams from U-Conn...they seem to beat everyone already, right?

    My other thing: Why is it that every four years, I end up watching the swimming events and I want to swim again. So, now my Dad tells're going back into training when you get home. He's like you're looking a little tubby and you can tone that back up before you get back to Boston.

    Wait? I'm tubby? I think that's the reason I quit in the first place. My coach, Leo, told me I was chubby after I had just finished my 200 IM at West Allis Central. I was like...I'm 10...I still have baby fat. Of course, I'm going to be chubby.

    But I digress again. I didn't necessarily quit because of Leo, I quit more because my team got rid of my personal coach, Crystal. Then they got Heidi, who was also my high school coach...never liked her much. I just could never get back into it then, you know? No one really pushed me or anything. I just wasn't passionate about it again.

    I miss swimming...big time. I was good. Hell, I went to J-O's when I was like 9-years-old in the 50 Breast. I had a wall full of medals and ribbons. But, its hard to get into things when you lose the passion for it.

    Maybe that's what happened to the USA basketball team..........

    'Till next time.....

    Sunday, August 15, 2004

    Benny & Joon

    Ok, so I just watched "Benny & Joon" for the first time (thanks to Nick from work...I'll get that DVD back to you one of these...crap, you're moving to Salem, aren't you...) Anyways, I think I just realized what a great actor Johnny Depp truly is.

    It's like I loved him in "POTC" as Capt. Jack Sparrow. I think I'm still slightly bummed out that he didn't win the Oscar for that performance as an acid-laced Keith Richards pirate. Then, I saw him in "Chocolat." Another great performance as a similar, less induced pirate-type. I also really liked him in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." Although, that movie does get gory, he does make the third part to "El Mariachi's" story well worth the two hours when I was in San Diego.

    I can't wait to see him next winter as Willy Wonka in the new version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" directed by Tim Burton. That should be totally creepy...c'mon that whole "is it rainin'? Is it snowin'? Is a hurricane' a-blowin'"... yah, that creeped me out when Gene Wilder did it...Johnny Depp will certainly give it his own flair.

    Speaking of actors that I enjoy thoroughly, I just saw the trailer for the new Adam Sandler pic "Spanglish" with Tea Leoni. Hmm. Not quite sure about that one. He's got this funny thing going on with his hair, but nonetheless, he's still way hot. (Yes, I need to get that checked) And it doesn't look like the typical Sandler routine a la "The Water Boy," "Happy Gilmore," "Billy Madison," etc. I think he's really coming into his own as a romantic comedy actor...can we say Tom Hanks??? But, I don't think I'll see Adam in a Stephen Spielberg film in the near future a la "Catch Me if You Can" or even "Saving Private Ryan." But, "Punch Drunk Love" from Paul Thomas Anderson was well worth it...and yes, I'm still bitter about that Oscar-ripoff.

    Till next time...

    I Feel So Unproductive Today

    Yea, so I should be either a) doing my laundry b) cleaning my room c) starting to clear out my stuff in the fridge or d) all of the above.

    Yes, that's right, kidses...I have done nothing. Well, I'm writing this, but I can't really justify this as getting my skanky laundry finished. And I need underwear!

    I know, I know. I should just get off my lazy-ass, take a shower, eat that penne pasta Jen said I could have in the fridge, and go over to the St. Luke's St. laundramat...But I don't want to, you know?

    It's rainy. I'm in one of those complaining sorts of moods and just want to relax. It's not like my flight leaves tomorrow. I do leave on Wednesday night. (Yes, for those of you who don't know, I'm coming in Milwaukee-home...Wednesday through early Sept. 4)

    It's like I adjusted my flight so I could go to a movie with a guy. How crazy is that!? And wait, I still need to call him to make sure he's going. I'm sure he is. He's cool and all. But, I rearranged my flight schedule (see, I could've already been in Milwaukee right now), to go out with a guy that I don't even know if its a date? Call me psychotic...but that's wicked crazy.

    And what's with this wicked thing all of a sudden? I can't stop it. And I'm also using "mad" as in "that's mad funny." I think I really did need this vacation....

    Till later folks... :)

    My First Blog Post

    Dear Blog Reader,

    I don't know what really compelled me to create this online diary-ish sorta thingey. Maybe its out of my sheer boredom. Maybe out of my sheer enjoyment of writing. Maybe its because I want to share my life with all of my friends from close and far away. Maybe its because I have this strange exhibitionist quality for people to see the inner me.

    But, whatever it is, I've done it...

    And we all know that its on the net now for the world to see. Well, at least the eyes who I tell to see, I guess (but knowing my friends they'll shout it from the rooftops and everyone will be like "Christina did blah-blah-blah-blah with so-and-so the other day..." So, I hope that doesn't happen.

    What are my intentions with this thing? Hmm...

  • Keeping in touch with my friends and family who I so dearly miss from Wisconsin

  • Showing people what's going on in Boston (or wherever I may be at the time)
  • A soundboard for life's little lessons

    What are not my intentions with this thing? Double hmm...But primarily...

  • Divulging totally inner secrets about my relationships from the past and present (Yes, I'm sure you're disappointed. But, if you want to can just straight up ask me, ok?)

    So, yea...let's let the healing begin (to quote Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting")

    Peace out...

    Till my next post....