Saturday, September 25, 2004

Three calls?

I'm confused.......

Ok, who picked Varsity Blues...

All right...So Friday was pretty fun. I have to admit. Even though I had to be at work at 9 a.m. and then I had a four hour class. It was still pretty good. How (and or why), you ask?

Well...let's see...

I dunno. I guess Emerson is finally getting fun this year. People are just being normal. And themselves, I suppose. It makes for a lot less egos and a little bit more relaxation and funness factor. I guess when you go to a place that specializes in putting people in front of the camera you're bound to have ego clashes, but for whatever reason I think this year will be totally different.


So, after an amusing work outing and practicum class...yea...that sugar high from the ice cream pretty much set the tone for the rest of the evening -- a whimsical, whipped-cream filled evening in a cup. (And you think I'm joking about the whipped cream part)

Auditions were fun, the 3-hour drive to Cambridge was endless (but it did end with an awesome Mexican dinner and tequila goodness), the random breakdown of the car (not so cool and somewhat freaky), the game (well, the better team won guys...plain and simple), and wait a second...

Who the hell picked "Varsity Blues" for the movie?!?

I didn't get a chance to vote on that. I was too far wasted on the six-pack of Mike's Hard. Yea, that movie sucked. What the !@#$ Yea, I want a do-over on that one if possible. I think Lindsay, Charles, or Brett owes me another movie...take your pick guys. Yes, it was an interesting evening to say the least...maybe it will continue into tonight.

Yah, that's wishful thinking...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Waiting Game

Waiting, waiting, waiting...for what? I'm not exactly sure.



Dear Readers,

The management apologizes greatly for any comments made last night in the wild throws of downing Mike's Hard Lemonades. Please disregard any and all comments stating that management would like to "change her girl-next-door image."

Management is quite pleased with the way her life is going and needs to accept the fact that Boston is full of incompetence that in no way reflects her own poor judgements within the realms of personal relationships.

Again, we greatly apologize for any comments.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What do I have to do?

All right. What do I have to do to get a little bit of action from a college-aged guy? It shouldn't be much, right? I should just be able to say, "Hey, do you want to go out and get a drink?" Right?


Apparently, I'm going to have to spread my legs wide open, bare my flat-chest, and be a drunk to get a guy to notice me.

Ugh. I hate being this nice girl all the time who comes across as the girl-next-door. I'm sick of it. I just want to date a guy.

Is this too much to ask?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Chris's Amendment to Life Lesson #2

Shaking my head

Yes, I am not proud to say that I may need the chicken rule finally for myself in this god-forsaken place.

Guys...why??? I'm a nice person. I don't deserve this (or maybe I do?). I dunno. But, I meet a nice one of you and then you lure me in like a trout in one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes or some crap, and then I'm wicked hooked.

I don't need this distraction in my life right now. But I can't stop thinking about someone and it is killing me. I have this proposal due for practicum tomorrow at noon -- and what do I have to show for it? Yea, nada.

All I can think about is..."Oh, when will I see him again?" or, "I wonder if he thinks the same about me..."

Yes, I have it bad. Well, it's been awhile since I've crushed this bad. And we all know how that turned out -- Ohio, unreturned phone calls, and a broken heart.

Alas, I'm back in the game...I think.


I am finally connected to the internet again. Thank you Verizon DSL.

If you need to contact me:

Yahoo! Messenger: (always fun with the audible emoticons) brewcrew26

As always...No drunk IM-ing kidses...Not cool. Take my word on that.