Monday, August 16, 2004

Olympic Madness

Yea, so to no surprise the USA Men's Basketball team got their asses schooled yesterday. But, c'mon...If we're going to lose, can we at least lose to like a major country where they've improved their programs greatly? How about China? Japan? Greece? Turkey?

Puerto Rico!?!?

They're our friggin' commonwealth. Wait just a darn second here. How does Puerto Rico even have its own Olympic team? Shouldn't they compete with us? That's like saying Massachusetts can field its own team, isn't it?

There are just so many things wrong with the USA Men's Basketball program. For instance: WHY IS ALLEN IVERSON ON THIS TEAM!? He's a thug. They're calling this the "Dream Team" with Allen Iverson on it?? What boat did I not get on?

I may be dating myself but I remember back in the day when the "Dream Team" consisted of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Christian Laettner (all right, Christian Laettner never really did that much in the pros...but he was super nice to me and did invite me to Atlanta that one time, but I digress).

Anyways, something definitely needs to be done about the b-ball program...say...let's use college players. They still have passion for the game. Hell, just use the Men and Women's teams from U-Conn...they seem to beat everyone already, right?

My other thing: Why is it that every four years, I end up watching the swimming events and I want to swim again. So, now my Dad tells're going back into training when you get home. He's like you're looking a little tubby and you can tone that back up before you get back to Boston.

Wait? I'm tubby? I think that's the reason I quit in the first place. My coach, Leo, told me I was chubby after I had just finished my 200 IM at West Allis Central. I was like...I'm 10...I still have baby fat. Of course, I'm going to be chubby.

But I digress again. I didn't necessarily quit because of Leo, I quit more because my team got rid of my personal coach, Crystal. Then they got Heidi, who was also my high school coach...never liked her much. I just could never get back into it then, you know? No one really pushed me or anything. I just wasn't passionate about it again.

I miss swimming...big time. I was good. Hell, I went to J-O's when I was like 9-years-old in the 50 Breast. I had a wall full of medals and ribbons. But, its hard to get into things when you lose the passion for it.

Maybe that's what happened to the USA basketball team..........

'Till next time.....

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