Friday, August 20, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Well, so yes my dear patriots...I have made it safely home to Milwaukee.

I have seized the day. Experienced so, so much like...Well, its not so much about what one has experienced so much as it is the quality time with one's family. And that's the key part to this whole time back home (besides the R&R factor after I threw my back out).

My family is going to be selling the house. So, this will proby be one of my last times back in Wisconsin. Yes, I know. How tragic, isn't it? (And no, that wasn't sarcasm) I'm going to be spending part of my vacation packing up 23 years of my life into boxes that will go into storage until I graduate, then...who knows, right?

The worst part is -- I don't know where this puts my Dad and my brother. I don't think they really have a plan of action just yet. And I really don't expect them to...given today (Aug. 20) would have been my Mom's 80th Birthday.

Yea, talk about bad news coming at a VERY inopportune time, eh?

Well, just goes to show that things can change really quickly. So, go enjoy your lives (and homes) while you still have them. You never know when they'll be taken away from you.

You're proby thinking...she's holding up pretty well at the moment. Well, I'm trying. I was a complete basketcase when I found out on Wednesday, but hey...It was inevitable. Just didn't know when exactly. much drama. Time to go live some life, though!

'Till next time, folks...

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