Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Online Dating

I'll admit (although I probably shouldn't)...I posted a listing on one of those online dating websites. Hey, its all good. There are a few cute guys who seem to be pretty interesting on there.


Why am I a magnet for the freaks!?

I keep getting responses from people who, in all honesty, can seriously be deemed even quirkier and odder than me. Is that even possible?!?

So, on one of them, just for giggles, I gave the question "If you could be any food, what would you be?"

I've had answers like:

  • If I could be any food I would be kimchee. The reasion is it is spicy and tste great and has all kind of good vitimins minerals for you.

  • Food - probably pizza. Available at all hours, good hot or cold, lots of toppings to choose from. Versatile.

  • I'd have to say any type of pastry or baked goods. They sweet, irresistable, & can get nice & sticky under the right situations

  • A ham and cheese omlette. Simple, yet cosmopolitian. Appropreate for consumption anytime during the day. Wholesome but mysterious intriging- who knows what really lurks under that thin eggy exterior.

  • Well, that is easy, I'd be Swedish Fish, the candy because it is simple and sweet and I'd make people smile.

  • I will be a tomato..it is Americas most favorite vegetable

  • I would be authentic Italian, because I would be able to be made in Italy, by Italian hands, and be enjoyed by lovers of Italian food.

    Now, you think I'm making this up? I'm totally serious. These are answers from real people. OK, the Swedish Fish answer was cute. I'll give you that one.

    I just don't know how people meet potential significant others like this. It's nuts. Albeit, I was trying to weed out weirdos, freaks, and just-plain-psychos, with a slightly off-key question. Yes, that was my mistake.

    I guess it's time to just going back to meeting people the old-fashioned way...

    'Till next time...
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