Thursday, January 03, 2008

You've Been Deleted

As per my Facebook status message recalled yesterday, I have a new cell phone. The LG just couldn't take the strain of me not answering calls anymore, so I had to upgrade to a Motorola RAZR.

Because I'm cheap, I wasn't going to pay the $10 that Verizon charges to transfer my hundreds upon hundreds of contacts, messages, ringtones, and videos to my new SIM card. (Might I Add: That is whack!)

So, I spent about an hour this morning keying in all the contact information for everyone who is important in my life.

It's so weird. You really take for granted the amount of people you add to your contact list. Like for instance, why do I have Jason Lee (star of "Alvin and the Chipmunks") as a contact? Or, why do still have that kid from junior year of college that I interviewed for UWM's hottest guys in there? No need for that. A majority of the people that are in my phone, I probably haven't spoken to in over a year (if not more).

As I started hitting delete and as the screen posted 'do you really want to erase this contact?' I felt as if I were losing a part of my life as I randomly just deleted a part of my life. I know they're just phone numbers, but there was a time when I probably dialed them a few times a week or even a few times a day.

I wonder what happened to some of those relationships. Was it something I did? Was it something someone else did? Were we never really that close at all? I guess I'll never really know why some people come in and out of our lives (or our cell phones).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christina's Top List of 2007

Christina's Top List of 2007
I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to 2007 (yea, it's been gone for two days now, and I realize I'm a little late).

So, here is a list of some of my favorites (and not-so-favorites) of last year...

Best Movie: Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille" made rodents cute and cuddly and good chefs. Patton Oswalt from TV's "The King of Queens" stars as Remy, a budding rat-turned-chef, who helps a not-so-competent dish boy turn into the next Jacques Pepin. The graphics are incredible (don't blink as you take a ride down the Rhine or past the Eiffel Tower) and the human figures are only getting better.

Worst Movie I Paid For: "License to Wed" starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore was hit or miss. Wait to get it on DVD. The jokes could come or go depending on your humor. The only redeeming factor was a hilarious look at plastic babies pooping in a department store.

Best DVD Rental: "Driving Lessons" starring Rupert Grint and Laura Linney was an under-appreciated coming-of-age film about a teenage boy who has a born-again Christian mother who lives with her divorced husband and a mute. Grint's character must look after an unemployed actress who teaches him the important things about life and love. It wasn't released in the Milwaukee area and it isn't in a lot of rental locales, but it's highly worth while and touching if you can find it.

Best Song: I found myself jamming out to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" a little loudly in my car. But what can I say, the girl can sing. I don't know what Tony Romo was thinking, but he needs to get his head examined.

Song I Couldn't Get Out of My Head: Any song where Fergie starts spelling was engrained in my brain this year. Add it to the list of 'bananas', I'll never forget how to spell 'Fergalicious'.

Best New Restaurant I Tried: KA in Franklin gets my nod as the best new restaurant in the area. It's extensive martini list and great small plate items are great for after work or on the weekend with the girls. Be sure to try the apple/cranberry/walnut brie -- absolutely amazing!

Best Book I Read: It might have come out a few years ago, but Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook" was even better than the movie. I was crying for nearly two hours. I don't know if two hours of crying means a better story, but his character development and ability to make characters you care about is both touching and endearing and tugs at your own personal heart strings.

Best Moment: Um, like...getting engaged. So, I'm getting hitched in less than 50 days, but it wouldn't be unless I said yes on May 12, 2007. How can I forget that no one took any pictures and the waiter at the Cheesecake Factory who was like, "Dawg, did you just ask her to marry you? ...Right on..." I can't make this stuff up.

Worst Pop Culture Moment: Britney Spears. She's a train wreck. 'Nuff said.