Sunday, August 22, 2004

Rut City

Now I remember why I always have nothing to do in Milwaukee...

There's nothing to do in Milwaukee.

Well, there is. It's just... I dunno. Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I'm just not wanting to do anything. Maybe I've gotten boring in my advanced aged. I dunno. I just don't feel like doing anything while I'm home, I guess.

People think that's a bad thing, you know? I don't. I was burned out. I pulled my back out for God's sake while I was sleeping. If that isn't stress, I don't know what is. It's like I AM doing stuff -- don't get me wrong.

I played a round of golf today. It was awesome. I haven't picked up my clubs in like at least 5 years (or whenever it was when I was recruited for that joint East/West Girl's golf team back in the day). I was launching balls. I was making great contact. And it felt so wicked good to just be out in the hot sun on such a beautiful day, you know?

Then, I played some more mini-golf tonight...working on my short game. Yea, that's not going too well. Gotta keep working on that.

So, all-in-all...I'm not in a rut. And I'm not boring. I'm just relaxing. I just don't like being pressured into things by people and feel that's what a lot of people are doing right now.

And if there's one thing that you need to learn about me, if my mind is set on not doing something, I don't do it.

Aight...I kinda sleepy-weepy...Night kidses :)

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