Monday, August 23, 2004


Ok, whoever thought it was a good idea to stuff a duck and a chicken inside of a whole turkey is either pure genius, or on some seriously heavy doses of a lithium-based product.

So, the bored soul that I am (and out of pure curiousity), I go to, and I find that someone has seriously stuffed a turkey full of two other birds, plus andouille sausage (yes, that's said like and-doo-wee), and vegetables.

Now, I can't really knock some good 'old Cajun cookin' until I try it, but it just sounds so obnoxiously absurd, doesn't it? But, then again, so does half of the stuff I put in my body.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would like half of the things that I do (liver & onions, Shepherd's Pie, fried cheese curds, cream cheese and potato chips, the list goes on and on...), and still, my digestive track doesn't have any real problems, either. What a wonder, eh?

If anyone would like to tell me how this turducken tastes, or would like to try one with me, I can order a turducken breast on the internet for like $60 and have it shipped.

Dinner partayyyy, anyone?!?

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