Monday, August 23, 2004

Date Set

So, the date has been set for when everyone needs to be out of the Milwaukee house...

November 30th.

I guess that means I won't be back in Milwaukee for Christmas-time.

Yea, I've gotta start packing up my room this week, so my stuff can either get shipped to Boston or go into storage for the upcoming year until I move (unless I get a job out east, at which point I'll have to move all my stuff into a bigger apartment that isn't in Allston).

It looks, at the moment, that my Dad will be moving to San Diego to live with one of two cousins. My brother, at the moment, is debating his options. He can stay in Wisconsin with one sister, or move to San Diego with the other sister -- both have extra rooms, but only one can take the dog (which is a big thing to consider...we may give up the house, but Monty stays).

As for me, it looks like I'm going to have a shitload of more stuff for the apartment. John is going to bring a U-Haul of my stuff sometime in October (including my bed). So, any of my hot guy friends who want to help carry my furniture up three flights of stairs, you'll be compensated VERY nicely (hint, hint...wait, I didn't say "hint." I said hint...meaning, you're helping and I'll buy you lunch or some drinks or something. Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm not that kinda girl)

For the rest of my life, yea...That means saying good-bye to all of my lifelong friends. Kinda sad, since I've known a lot of them for at least 5 years and then there's some I've known for 20 years. And, lord knows, when I'll see everyone again, right?

Ugh...I have a week and a half left here...How does that work!? Goodbyes, packing, and relaxing!?

My vacation isn't turning out to be much of a vacation at all...

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