Friday, August 27, 2004

What Did I Do Today?

Well, I got out of bed. That's definitely a good thing given my recent circumstances. Pretty much any day I get out of bed now will be a good day, I think.

Then, I went to lunch with my favorite crack whore. No, not a real crack whore. We just like to call Katie that. You have to know the story, I guess, for that to be funny. And question: Is crack whore -- two words, hypenated, or a compound word?


Then, I went home. Went through some old CDs and videos. Found out that my brother has like 70 some Toscanini classical CDs of the NBC Symphony Orchestra that are utterly amazing and full of the greatest symphonies (you know, for the classy person of such high esteem that I am to enjoy). I tossed about 20 VHS tapes of *NSYNC stuff that I had taped off tv. Yea, do you think 20 years from now I'm going to be bummed that I threw away the first showing of "Bye Bye Bye" on TRL???

Yea, I'm heartbroken. I know.

Then, after my car's oil changed done by the most enept people at Valvoline. Although the kid who did work on my car was pretty cute. But, I think that is illegal in all 50 states (between you and me, I think he was underage -- check those work laws Norman Mineta).

Then, got dinner for the fam. Nothing spectacular. Some Boston Market. Yea...they have this strawberry shortcake dessert. Not that amazing. Just a hint.

Then, watched some TV (YAY GAC On Demand for having Kenny Chesney videos...have I mentioned my huge crush on him!?).

Then, went to get some Rum & Coke custard at Kopps, and after that went to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff for my hair. Damn humidity. Why can't I live in a desert?

Now, I'm doing laundry. So fun to be me, eh? Aight...

Gotta go see how my white's are whitenin'....Peace out kidses.

p.s. two potential buyers looking at the house tomorrow (I don't know if I should be happy about that........)

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