Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rose & Crown Pub and Restaurant

Day 5 - Rose & Crown Dining Room

I had made an 8 p.m. ADR in hopes of getting a seat on the waterfront in time for Illuminations (my favorite nighttime show!!). We got to the restaurant about a half hour ahead to check in and see what are chances were.

We got lucky. It was a pretty chilly evening. Being from Wisconsin (and DH is originally from Vermont), we're used to cold. But, we didn't expect it to get this cold in Central Florida. Thank goodness I had my sweatshirt and long pants on. DH still only had shorts and a polo shirt on. Of course, he wouldn't listen to me and get a sweatshirt at one of the nearby shops.

But, anyways, we got seated around 7:45 p.m. on the waterfront. There was a light standard in front of us, but it didn't really impede our vision of the show. Plus, right next to us, there was an awning that had heat lamps so DH could stand under there to thaw out.

Our waiter was amazingly helpful. He gave DH complimentary tea throughout the night to keep him warm. He also stopped to chat with us about his hometown and to tell us a little bit more about the food.

We started out with the cheese platter (we were on a cheese kick for a few days). There was a cheddar, a stilton in a puff pastry and one other cheese that I can't remember. Served with crackers and fruit. It was a great starter. I enjoyed the stilton a lot while DH enjoyed the cheddar. Stilton is very bleu cheese-like and pungent so if you don't like bleu cheese or gorgonzola types, this will definitely be a lot stronger and less to your liking.

For entrees, DH tried the Bangers & Mash. I was surprised how flavorful the "bangers," or sausages were. Coming from an area with heavy German immigrants, our bratwursts tend to be on the spicy side to gain flavor, but the bangers were still flavorful, but not at all spicy. I enjoyed the Leg of Lamb served with mixed greens. It was a bit fatty and the greens, like mint and sage, added most of the flavor to the dish.

Our dessert came just as Illuminations was starting. DH had a warm pudding dessert (he tried all efforts to stay warm!). While I indulged in the guinness cake. Since it was so chilly out, the desserts got cold fast and as we were watching the show and not paying attention to food, the cake got a little cold and tough. I assume when it's piping hot it's amazing.

It was probably one of the most romantic nights of our trip. Being able to sit with my hunny, sip a nice glass of wine, eat really good food, and watch an incredible show. I'd definitely recommend other couples try to land a seat on the patio for the show. But if it's chilly remember to pack a blanket or the proper clothing!

To my surprise, DH didn't get sick (or at least not yet) from turning into a human icicle.

Up next: Crystal Palace character breakfast...

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