Thursday, April 24, 2008

50s Prime Time Cafe

Day 4 - 50's Prime Time Cafe

50's Prime Time Cafe is a must-do for my family every trip. I don't know if it has to do with a sado-masochistic nature of being verbally assaulted by your server, or just having a light-hearted time, but we always enjoy it!

I have never seen the restaurant as full as this night. We had 7:05 ressies. The Tune-In Lounge and lobby area, plus the outside, were packed with families waiting to get a seat. We overhead the hostess say that without an ADR the wait would be three hours. Three hours!? The park wasn't even open that long but people seemed to want to wait and see.

We were finally sat after about 15 minutes in a room in the back of the restaurant. Our table was in a corner next to some windows that were a bit drafty. I was wishing I had worn longer pants and had to wear my jacket during the meal.

The service, while insulting and funny, was a bit overwhelmed. Our CM would disappear for long spurts of time and then forget that she needed to bring a refill or that she needed to take someone else's order in the section. But, she was very good in making it known that we were newlyweds. There was also a couple for Texas who had gotten married a week before. The CM would try and see what couple was more lovey-dovey and point it out to the rest of "our cousins". Too bad she kept calling us the couple from Michigan (we're really from Wisconsin).

...Maybe there's a Milwaukee, Michigan?...

As for the food, we indulged in the fried cheese served with crackers and grapes for an appetizer. It was so tasty! It wasn't like a fried mozzarella stick, but it was a spreadable herb cheese. Maybe like a Rondele or a cream cheese herb dip. It was a great way to start the meal. Plus, DH had a chocolatey milk shake (tasted very Hershey's-like) and I enjoyed the cherry cola. There's nothing like real cherry syrup in a Coke compared to the fake stuff!

For our main course, DH had the fried chicken. The skin was so crispy and good. The mashed potatoes were lumpy and also quite tasty. I enjoyed the pot roast. The fork-tender beef melted in your mouth. The vegetables were soaked in the gravy goodness and the mashed potatoes paired perfectly underneath it all.

For dessert, DH attempted to eat the S'Mores. I think he got chocolated-out with the shake. But he did pretty well. The serving size of the S'mores is a lot smaller than I remember it. I remember back in the mid-90s a huge plate full of maybe 12-16 S'mores vs. the 6 that he got. I ordered the apple cobbler, which was more apples than cobbler. And, the cobbler was more just toasted oatmeal than a real crust. It pretty much just turned into a soupy mess once I tried to get through it.

I'd definitely have to re-think coming here again. It's food that I could make at home and it probably would taste better. You're mostly just going for ambience. Plus, the menu hasn't really changed since the first time we ate there nearly 15 years ago.

Up next: Rose & Crown...

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