Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boma Review

It has been so hard for me to write these posts. It finally means that vacation is over and I'm really home.

But, we had some incredible TS meals during our stay April 12-19. These are going to be "fairly brief," but if anyone wants more information on something I'd be happy to share since food is my other obsession!

We were on the DDP, but didn't use it for Boma in lieu of using 2 credits for Artist Point on our last evening.

Day 1: Boma, AKL
We had a 5:05 ressie. Got to the lodge early so we got some great pictures. It's so massive and breath-taking. We're definitely thinking of staying here our next trip. We checked in around 4:40 before the restaurant opened. The CMs were singing and beating drums to get everyone pumped up. The food smelled amazing!

Our waiter was so helpful. He sat down with us to explain the set-up with the pods. The main entrees like beef and fish on the far right, sides and salads in the center, a kid's island, fruits and then desserts on the left.

Some of the highlights for me were the couscous salad, black bean hummus, spiced chicken, fufu (it was kinda like a sweet potato), and the banana bread pudding. I absolutely loved it.

The meat was so tender and juicy all across the board. DH enjoyed the prime rib which had an incredibly flavorful rub. The chicken had a crispy skin, not at all spicy, but the earthy rub was amazingly bold and different. We were surprised how you didn't need to salt or pepper anything which is the indication of a highly-skilled chef.

The soups were also delectable. I thoroughly enjoyed the bean soup. It wasn't like a traditional split-pea soup, but it had several different layers of flavors which defintely made my mouth happy. DH raved about the carrot soup, which was almost dessert like, with its creamy texture and sweet attributes.

I wouldn't recommend Boma for someone who isn't that adventurous of an eater or who's finicky. It's a great place for large families. There are several large tables that seat more than 6 or even 8 people. The large windows make for great views of the pool area. And the thatched roof makes it seem like you're really in a hut.

Stay tuned...up next is Liberty Tree Tavern!

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