Thursday, April 24, 2008

Le Cellier Review

Day 3 - Le Cellier

This is another of the new restaurants for me to try (others being Boma, Artist Point). I was very impressed with the service, atmosphere, and the quality of the food.

Being on the DDP, this was such a great find. You're basically breaking even with one meal plus you get high-quality food that rivals the steaks from other more well-known restaurants.

We had a 4:50 ADR for Le Cellier. So after enjoying some of the World Showcase (we needed to relax after a long day and night in MK), we made our way to the Canada pavilion. Not only is the landscaping breathtaking and great for pictures, the CMs in the area are so friendly.

We checked in at the podium and waited less than five minutes to be seated. In the dining area, we were seated in the "Ontario" section. Our hostess said that all the areas are separated by one of the Canadian provinces. I couldn't really tell the difference by any noticeable architecture. It all looked like deep tones of wood, with the flickering of candlelight upon white linen table cloths.

We were seated next to a gentleman vacationing alone who was very nice and we talked to him a bit about the DVC and how the steaks are aged in the basement. He makes it a point to come several times a trip.

We started off by sharing a bowl of the cheddar cheese soup made with the Moosehead ale. It was amazing! I could eat bowls of it and not want to eat anything else. Add on top of that the pretzel breadsticks (there's also sourdough and multi-grain, also exceptional) and you have an uber-incredible dipping sauce. The hint of bacon and the rich cheese lent so much flavor. And unlike many beer cheese soups I've had, you aren't left with a heavy beer aftertaste which can sometimes be bitter and overpowering.

DH had the mushroom filet mignon served with a wild mushroom risotto and fried onions. I enjoyed the 14-oz NY strip with baby yukon potatoes and a side of asparagus. Both steaks were incredibly done. Cooked to perfection. The tenderness was almost unreal. You barely had to chew. The beef almost melts in your mouth. DH's risotto was creamy and the wild mushrooms lent another level of flavor to his dish. The asparagus, all five stalks, was a little pricey for a side dish costing more than a pound would at the grocery store. It was also a tinge overdone and had lost its "bite," or crispness.

For dessert, DH enjoyed the adult-version of the chocolate mousse, while I indulged in the child's "chocolate moose", a cute and almost too picture-perfect to eat indulgence. But, the maple leaf cookies for antlers were crispy. A red shortbread tongue was tasty along with the decadent mousse filling. And the chocolate cake that topped the mousse was moist and tasty.

Overall, Le Cellier will probably be one of the restaurants we stop at every trip now. I hope the DDP higher-ups don't remove it from one of the participating restaurants because it presents a high-class service environment to families who normally wouldn't be able to enjoy such fine cuisine.

Up next: 50's Prime Time Cafe...

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