Thursday, April 24, 2008

Artist Point Review

Day 7 - Artist Point

Well, if you've made it on this culinary journey, we've tried everything from African and Canadian to family fare and more. Now, it's the sad point in this trip...our last review.

We wanted a special night to remember for our last full day at the World. We decided to go for Artist Point at WL with its northwest feel.

Everything about WL is huge. The building itself is designed to resemble both Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn, and also a bear. Our waiter, I believe his name was Jim from Orlando (I'm awful with names), was super-friendly and helpful. Whenever we asked about an ingredient or something about the meal, he knew the answer or would go check. Even the dining room manager came to check on us several times.

I guess I knew this would be a special evening when I looked at the menus. On the bottom was printed "Artist Point would like to Congratute the BrewCrew26 Party on your recent marriage!" Well, it didn't say "brewcrew26" but it actually had our last name on there. But, it makes for a great keepsake!

Jim brought us a complimentary champagne toast to start the evening. While the dining room manager brought us a complimentary appetizer of the potato chive pot sticker with edamame, spinach and soy vinaigrette. It was so tasty! The pot sticker was oozing with potatoey goodness while the soy vinaigrette added a nice punch.

This was the one night we would splurge. So, DH started off with the smokey portobello soup with roasted shiitakes and chive oil. All I can say is, "Wow." This soup was so incredibly good. The smoothness of the soup's texture and then the flavor that the shiitakes added. There were actually several different types of mushrooms and some of the chunks of 'shrooms were quite hefty.

I started off with the Duck Confit with the pear anjou frisee salad with a cherry vinaigrette and duck prosciutto. I was surprised by the taste of the prosciutto. It tasted so much like traditional Italian prosciutto and nothing like the richness of the duck. You basically get 1/4 of a duck that is crispy, juicy and fork tender. It was enough to be a meal on its own.

For entrees, DH had the buffalo steak with sweet potato gratin and sweet onion jam. The sweet potato gratin was crunchy and filled with hazelnuts. It was a great accompaniment to the buffalo steak that was done medium rare. Jim suggested nothing over a medium for the buffalo since it cooks different than beef. It was so tender and not-at-all gamey.

I enjoyed the beef tenderloin with potato truffle fries and wild mushrooms. The mushrooms were very earthy and flavorful compared to a traditional button mushroom au jus. The truffle fries were a decadent surprise that nearly melted in your mouth. And the beef was done to perfection and topped with a wild mushroom butter that added even more to the grilled flavor.

For dessert, we shared the Artist Point Cobber made with seasonal berries and homemade black raspberry ice cream. The cobbler was ideal with a crunch almost like a tart shell. The ice cream would be a dessert itself but paired nicely with the fresh berry assortment of blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

We also indulged in the wine flight. My favorite was the Three Rivers Late Harvest Gewurztraminer from Walla Walla Valley. It was a sweet, almost ice wine that tasted nothing like a wine. It was almost like a very sweet fruit juice.

I would go back to Artist Point in a heart beat. The service and the food were nothing short of amazing. It can be hard to find this kind of restaurant in some large cities. My hat's off to the chef staff.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our TS round-up! Thanks for reading even if it was a little long-winded!

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