Friday, October 15, 2004

My head hurts...

I think two pitchers of sangria is my limit. Wow. I'm fuzzy. I don't really know what just happened. Good feeling, but fuzzy. And really, I have to go potty again. Ok, so I sound like a two-year-old with an irritable bladder, but was good sangria.

And after the hellish sort of day that I just had. It was well worth it all.

Wow. What a day. My head is spinning...and I can say that on multiple levels, honestly. Figuratively and physically, my head is spinning.

Why are guys so perplexing? Can someone please explain that to me? Why are they so wicked cute in their little suits when they're dressed up and crap? Ugh. Why do they have this way of drawing me back in just when I think I'm OK without them?

Why do they have this way of making me feel better when I'm feeling kinda down? Ugh. How do they do all of these things without even knowing it, y'know? Honestly, it must be something they pull them away in shop class to learn.

"Here, Tommy...Today, instead of learning how to solder this piece of metal to make your bookshelf, we're going to teach you how to reel a woman in with your boyish good looks and chivalrous charm."

Yea, that day I apparently missed in Mr. Sheeley's tech ed class...

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