Monday, August 30, 2004

Common Theme of My Trip

This day sucked.

I have soda in my hair. I think I broke a glass. My eyes are puffy. I went for a two hour walk from my house to Currie Park (honestly, I don't know how far that is) that involved my family searching the streets of Wauwatosa for me. And I still feel like crap.

Yea, it's been one of those days where I totally wigged out. And when I say "totally" -- I mean totally .

This "vacation" has royally sucked ass. I'm supposed to be taking it easy. My blood pressure is already high enough as it is from Boston's drama. I don't need to go home and have it put me into epileptic shock or whatever happens (maybe aneurysms?).

I just want to be in Boston so much right now. I'm counting the days until I fly out of here and never look back. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. I just don't want to come back. I have no inkling whatsoever right at this moment. I can't even say that my family and friends are reason enough to want to come back any time soon (yea, that's depressing, isn't it?).

This blows. Majorly.

I'm sick of it. I wish I could just change my flight or something. My family (well, not all...but most) is full of complete morons. And it's not like I can get rid of them or something. It's like they signed for me. I can't exactly go back to the judge and be like, "Hey, I don't like this family after 23 years because they're a bunch of freaks. Can I please pick a different family?" Yea, that doesn't happen. Well, it does kinda happen. I think its called "disowning." But, that's like work with my family.

Ugh. They're just crazy. All of them. There is like some hormonal imbalance, or maybe its in the air, or the water. I don't know. But, they're crazy.

Put aside your petty f-ing differences, for Pete's sake. Who the F cares if you're driving X amount of miles every f-ing day. It's your {bleeping} {another bleep} stuff in the house, too. It's not all mine. I don't care if you don't like that brother, or that sister. I don't care if your Lumbago is acting up and you can't breathe. Take your mutha {bleeping} pill, pass the F out, and leave me the Hell out of it all.

No, I'm not coming back in November. And, today just proved the F why.

I don't need this stress if my life. I'm going to be selfish. I'm going to live my life. I'm picking who I want to be in it now. And right now, not everyone in Wisconsin is going to be a part of that in the future. So, there's that memo for you!

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