Sunday, September 05, 2004

Back in Beantown

Made it back to the craziness of Boston. Fell asleep for most of the flight. I woke up in my seat to someone (not quite sure who) throwing a cinnamon raisin granola bar at my head. It may have actually been the stewardesses (or I guess flight attendants to be PC).

Yea, so it's finally summer here. Got in to Logan to 85-degree weather and a diversion from the Airport T stop to Maverick station. Yes, that was fun lugging my bags. I finally started swearing like a Dutch sailor in my stairwell when I got home. It's bad when the new roommie's first impression of me is, "I hate this {bleeping} city. And how are you doing?"

But, yes...It is good to be back in Boston. Although I am slightly under the weather and in desperate need of some Dayquil. I feel very congested and clogged. My ears are in a tunnel. So, if I yell -- It's because seriously I can't hear you at the moment.


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