Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back to School...Grade 18

I think I'm in the equivalent of 18th grade this year, right? Yea, I'm getting so old that I don't even know what year of school I'm in any more.

Yes, but today was "back to school" day for me. Not officially, but unofficially. Had to AD another round of "Capitol Perspectives with Ted Kennedy." Yes, that was so rousing. Filled out some employment forms so I can get paid for my Emerson services in the BJ and Athletic departments this year. Yea, what's this deal about me not having work study all about?? I have to wait to find out 'till November to see if I have an award? What is that? I only have a semester left after November-ish. Yea, the good that does me.

It is so amusing waiting for T in this madness. Why? Because BU kids can't walk the two blocks it takes for them to go to class.

Lazy bums.

Anywhooo, otherwise...we have a new phone. Finally. Still no internet so I'm bumming internet off the roommate till I set something up of my own. I suppose I should just get one of those wireless card things, but that is going to have to wait for a bit.

What else?

Have a I mentioned how much I hate my life and paying bills? Yea...money sucks. If there is some way you can get out paying bills, or just becoming a grown-up, I highly recommend taking that route instead.

Otherwise, you end up in grade 18, broke, and working a zillion jobs and still about to become bankrupt. And people wonder why I need a therapist...

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