Thursday, October 07, 2004

Axel's Revisited

So, it's been over a year since I last hit Axel's on Oakland back in Milwaukee. Remember those days with Katie #3, Amber, Kevin, and Chris? Nights after closing the TV lab down, before the PVTV shows, and getting unnecessarily sloshed?

Those were the days...

How can I forget some of those nights? The ones where we'd end up back at Johnston Hall, roaming the floors, trying to find a ghost (which turned out to be KC under a stairway). Or, the nights where I couldn't even drive home and ended up on someone's couch? Or, just sitting and talking about absolutely nothing and trying to see how many times Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl" could play in a row on the jukebox.

Yes, I've been trying to recapture those days for a long time...

And, I think last night was the first time that I have reasonably even come close since being in Boston. I don't think I have been that utterly wasted (for no good reason) since UWM (and that may be a good thing).

But, it started out innocently enough at the White Horse with a Miller and some pool. But once the party migrated to Big City and the shots and pitchers of sangria started coming -- all bets were off.

Thanks to Lins for taking my glass away from me...but, really...I totally would've drunk that whole glass of sangria-fruity goodness. Unfortunately, that outcome would not have been pretty. And really, the one that did end up following was amusing, but not my best moment.

It's always great when you drunk-dial someone who you like, is it not? Yea, I'm not quite sure what I said in his voicemail, but I'll find out in a few hours, I guess. Otherwise, it's not good when you find yourself sitting on your bathroom floor. But, that is a first for me.

Hmm...Good times...

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