Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Dear Blog Reader:

Christina is losing it momentarily. She has to produce two 1:45 play-by-play segments of games one and two of the Sox vs. Angels series by Friday.

Tough task?

Well, yes. Since a) she is not a Sox fan b) has never done shot sheets before and c) doesn't have a VCR to tape game 2.

Thanks to Brett...at least I have game two slightly covered for highlight purposes. But, he has a midnight bedtime and the game won't be done by that time. I owe him BIG time for helping me out with this. And now I know why it makes sense that I'm friends with the sports director, eh?

Alas, I'm still losing it because I'm freaked out about my practicum show, too. If anyone cares to help shoot some video or knows anything about graphics, please see me ASAP. You will be compensated.



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