Sunday, February 13, 2005

Long Time No Post...

Ok, so I realize it has been almost two months since I really last blogged. It really is such a blur. A lot has happened.

The quick recap:
  • Graduating next December because I couldn't find a chair for my thesis topic
  • Went back to Milwaukee for two weeks
  • My dad moved to San Diego
  • My brother George is in the hospital for some weird skin infection
  • Me and Brett are officially a couple...YAY!
  • Went to DC to cover the inauguration
  • Went to Vermont to meet Brett's family
  • I got promoted to Asst. Manager at Cold Stone...LOL
  • Did I mention me and Brett are officially a couple?
  • I'm now 24 and hitting my quarterlife crisis
  • I'm producing a class documentary on Chinatown...shoot me, please
  • I'm interning at "Frontline" for WGBH

    Yea, it's been a blur. Yet so crazily amazing...much in part to Brett. Yea, I don't know. It's not like we expected this to happen. But it is so amazing and we're both so happy.

    The week I spent in Vermont...As worried and scared as I was, I really enjoyed my time up there. For one, it was so incredibly relaxing and beautiful. This gorgeous house overlooking a can that not be beautiful? And just having the chance to meet his family and see this other part of his life...It's like...He's letting me into his life and wants me to be a part of it. I guess I just didn't have that before.

    He makes me feel so unbelievably special. I just can't get enough of him. I guess I've never really longed for someone before, but when we're not together, I just crave him so much. Like its so hard to not see him with our busy schedules. I want him to be the first person I see in the morning, or the last voice I hear at night, y'know? I get this funny tingle down my spine when he holds my hand as we walk down the street. I get tongue-tied when we're alone together and its just so hard to find the right words to express just how much he means to me.

    It's kinda like that.

    As for the rest of it...I'm still pretty busy. Work, work, work. While I only really have one technical class per week, I seem to always be at school. Otherwise, I have my internship over at Frontline, which is pretty cool. I'm working in the post-production department. This past week I got to help with a re-edit of a Donald Rumsfeld profile. Kinda cool.

    This documentary on Chinatown is probably going to kill me. One, because I just don't have the time I need to dedicate to being as good of a producer as I know I probably can be. Two, I just don't have people who want to work hard on it. Little thing called senior-itis, I guess.

    Dad moved to San Diego a few weeks ago. He's actually leaving for the Philippines tomorrow morning, so I really won't talk to him for another month or so when he's back. I wanted to go out to SD for spring break, but I just don't think I'll have the money for it. Hopefully, I'll have the time this summer to go there and Milwaukee...and bring Brett with me, so he has the chance to meet my crazy family now.

    Ahh, so much going on...Ok, hopefully I'll be better with posting again... sigh...
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