Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christina's Top List of 2008

I've been doing a "top 10" type list for awhile. So, here is this year's version:

Best Movie: "The Dark Knight" was probably the best movie of the year for all its qualities from acting, writing and stunts. But, my favorite movie of the year was by far "Twilight." I think you'll notice a theme this year with the vampires. Really, wizards are soooo 2006.

Worst Movie I Paid For: "Hairspray" and that was only a DVD rental. I could only make it 38 minutes into it. The songs were far from catchy and Zac Efron can only make girls swoon to a box office success so far.

Best DVD Rental: "Iron Man" was an awesome guilty pleasure movie. Robert Downey Jr. is a total bad ass super hero. Gwyneth Paltrow was even bearable.

Best Song: Taylor Swift was churning out the hits this year. She might have been dumped by that stupid Jonas Brother, but she had how many top 10 hits? Yea, "Our Song" was in my head most of the year and overplayed on the iPod. To the Jonas Brother who dumped her: you're a moron like Tony Romo.

Song I Couldn't Get Out of My Head: Tie: "I Want It All" by Ashley Tisdale on the "High School Musical 3" soundtrack and "Spotlight" by Mutemath on the "Twilight" soundtrack. Two completely different songs, but both get me pumped to do my runs.

Best New Restaurant I Tried: Mekong Cafe. The Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai restaurant on the Tosa/Milwaukee border makes great pho noodle soup and bubble tea.

Best Book I Read: Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga is amazing. Finishing almost 2,000 pages in like two weeks during the busy summer months is a record for me. I'm absolutely in love with Edward Cullen and have strange fantasies about fictional characters. Any book that can kick Harry Potter from the New York Times best seller list has to be good.

Best Moment: Getting married? Yea, getting married would undoubtedly have to be the best moment of the year. I can't believe it's been almost a year! Between the planning, the ceremony and the honeymoon, it has been a whirlwind adventure for us. I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for the newlyweds!

New Year's Resolution: Finishing my first 5K run.

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