Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Wedding Round-Up

Well, it's almost been an entire week that I can say that I have been married. What the !@#$

Who let that happen!?

Kidding aside, not much has changed. Everyone keeps asking how much different it is to be married. When you've been together as long as Brett and I, we were essentially married already. The biggest change that I've been having trouble with is calling him my husband and saying I'm someone's wife now. It was easy saying he was my fiance, but making that switch to "husband," it's like...whoa...back the truck up a second. I suppose somewhere along the way I'll get to used to it.

Just like I have to get used to hyphenating my name and having an exceptionally long signature. I was never one to scour pages of notebook paper with signatures but I found myself doing that yesterday. But I think I have come to terms with my 'F's and we can come to an accord where I like how loopy they look.

I'm just happy that the wedding went off without a hitch...mostly. I only had a slight bridezilla moment a few minutes before the wedding when I thought we lost the toss bouquet. We didn't. I was just confused about how many bridesmaids I had. I kept doing that all week.

Brett and I also noticed as we were cutting the cake that someone poked their finger in the frosting. I hope that doesn't show up in the pictures. Yes, the cake was real. Simma's did a fantabulous job! I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

It was such an exhausting week, but so well worth it. I loved seeing all my best friends and family all week. They helped keep me sane (I only cried a little bit walking down the aisle...but they were those happy tears). But only if they could have helped me from getting the giggles during the vows in the ceremony. I suppose it wouldn't have been my wedding without the giggles, huh?

After an exhausting 96 hours, it's no wonder I slept for nearly 48 hours straight on Sunday and Monday. I got up for about 6 hours to eat, watch the news, and open a few presents.

But, all in all...I'm happy to be a married person now. I don't have to plan to biggest party of my life anymore. I can start looking for jobs full-time again, going to the gym, and finish planning the honeymoon (the best part!!!) in April. Plus, we have a fondue pot and a new "Bride and Groom" cookbook, so we're all set to have the wickedest cool dinner parties...ever!

Chris's Highlights from the Wedding Week:

Seeing Brett stand at the altar all flustered and sick
Hanging out with Imaeyen for the first time in forever! (Represent the Chester!)
Literally taking a jello shot from a syringe at Lucille's
Dancing with my Daddy at the reception
Shorty teaching Evan how to ask girls to dance
The hibachi lunch and how the chef threw food at Imaeyen's boob
Everyone all together...priceless!

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