Sunday, November 18, 2007

Up Next: Packers vs. Patriots and Christina vs. Brett

Like a good Packer fan, I hope they can make a run for the Superbowl. And the way that it's going for the Patriots, it just might be possible for a SB rematch for the two teams in February.

Well, that would be a week before the wedding.

Pitting a Packers fan against a Patriot fan.

A cheesehead against a, uh, what do they call Pats fans?

A Brett Favre-follower against a Tom Brady-lover.

Good versus Evil.

While I love my future husband-to-be. We agreed within the first month of dating to never talk about sports to each other. We've pretty much staid that course throughout the three years that we have been together. But, now that the stars may align for this monumental event pitting a veteran quarterback and America's Team against the heir-apparent to a GQ cover, this could place the early weeks of our marriage in turmoil.

Yesterday, I piqued the possible scenario to Brett: "If the Packers were to win the Superbowl versus the Patriots, could your groomsmen wear Packers jerseys?"

To which I received a very adamant "NO!"

How dare you woman speak of having Patriots fans wear the Green and Gold? What is this nonsense that you speak!? This is heresy!

I even put out the stipulation: "Well, if the Patriots win, my girls will wear Patriots jerseys."


My brother agrees that this is a creative way to bring the two families together. However, Brett wants no sports near his wedding day.

Deep down...

I think he's afraid that the Packers just could be having a miracle season...

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