Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do I Have to Turn Into Bridezilla?

We get a letter yesterday from Hotel Metro. Mind you, we signed our contract for our wedding and reception over a month ago. They have yet to put our deposit onto our credit card.

Well, the Director of Sales sends us a letter. First, and most annoyingly, he addresses it to Ms. Christina Relacion and Mr. Brian Fiennel.

OK...if you're going to send me correspondence -- get my future hubbie's name right! (Especially if his last name is spelled "Finnell" under the comments area about how we want the signs to read to direct our guests).

Anyways, it states that the price for our deposit which we signed our contract for is no longer valid and that we owe $500.

Did I miss something? Isn't what you sign the contract to "contractually bind" you and the place of business to that said price? Maybe I'm just imagining things, but that's what I thought it meant.

This is already on top of us having our first Event Coordinator MIA for the first three months. Don't get me wrong -- Michelle -- our new EC is absolutely amazing. But...I'm really starting to get scared by the incompetence of this place.

We think we may have to start researching and visiting new places for the ceremony and reception to have a back-up plan. Or, we may be going with a completely alternate plan that I really don't want to have to do -- it involves a court, us getting married without all of our friends, and just having a fun weekend with whoever can come, me not wearing a dress, and then having everyone come to our crazy-cool Disney reception in three or five years (depending on when you think the world is going to end -- if you believe Nostradamus is 2011, if its the Mayan calendar -- you have another year -- longggg story...)

On other kinda happy news, my dress is in. I haven't had time yet to go in and have my first fitting. Who knows if I'll actually need it now...

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