Monday, January 09, 2006

Recap of the last six months...

Well, it hasn't exactly been six months, but pretty darn close. And, because I love to use bullet points, that's what you're getting. So here goes --

  • Moved back to Milwaukee with Brett in tow around Labor Day weekend
  • Subsequently, moved into a teeny, tiny two bedroom apartment with Brett, my brother and my Dad
  • Started working at Cold Stone where they promised me my own store sometime in January up in Menomonee Falls
  • Started freelancing for MKE. See Just search for my name and you can find a few of my articles. (The Harry Potter one is the best!)
  • Brett started working for CompUSA
  • My brother started working for The Discovery Channel Store
  • Brett quit CompUSA
  • The Discovery Channel Store let my brother go because they didn't need help after Christmas
  • Brett started working at Chase Bank after New Year's
  • Cold Stone says they can't open my store up because of budget concerns
  • I'm looking for a new job (I interviewed for a newscaster job at AM 620, so waiting to hear back on that)
  • My dad's going to the Philippines for awhile and won't be back till March
  • I still want an I-Pod
  • Brett applied for a few jobs here in Milwaukee doing sports at TMJ4 and Fox 6.
  • Did I tell you I'm working for $8 an hour at Cold Stone and I'm not getting my store? Yea, I'm kinda dwelling on that. Because it sucks!

So, that's pretty much the last few months since we moved back here from Boston. Yes, Milwaukee is a completely different animal than Boston. But it is home for me. I really do miss the city a lot, though. It's funny. I didn't really think I would. But, I do. I guess it meant a lot more to me than I really thought it would. I just miss walking everywhere.

Hearing the noises. That really gets me. It's like Milwaukee isn't a small city by any means. But it's so quiet compared to Boston. Boston was just...there was like a hum to it and it constantly was there. You could always hear something. Be it the guy peeing under my windowsill late at night or the T running a few blocks away. There was always some sort of noise. I miss that. I don't miss the smell, though. There was that weird smell to the city sometimes.

Plus, I've gotten wicked fat out here. Not walking and driving everywhere has made me put on some serious weight. I just can't get rid of it. And I'm trying everything. It's almost impossible. Another reason why I just need to get away from Cold Stone. Damn hell hole.

So, yea. It's good. I miss the city, but at least I have Brett with me. That means a lot just to have him here with me. He's the bestest boyfriend in the world, but you know that already. I just liking saying it outloud because I'm so lucky to have him. :)

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