Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Belated Bunny Day!

So, I had a pretty great weekend. I guess anything that involves eating a massive amount of meat, a great night out with friends, and an Easter egg hunt has to be pretty darn good.

We ended up going to this place over by BC called Eagle's Deli. They specialize in these massive burgers from a pound up to five-pounds. The guys wanted to see who could actually gorge themselves into oblivion by eating the three or the five pounder. But the counter dude gave us wicked attitude over ordering something that big so they just ate the one-pounders. Which nonetheless was a shit-load of meat.

Afterwards, we ended up going to Big City (I was actually about to say Axel's for some odd reason...hmm...wonder what I'm thinking about). We hung out and played some pool and watched the Illinois vs. Arizona game.

Then, after that me and Brett came back to my place. I had set-up the house for a special Easter Egg Hunt for him. It's probably one of the most creative things I have ever done for someone...and for once it actually went over well. I put cute little things in the eggs that he could redeem like I'll watch Lord of the Rings with him or make him dinner, etc. I'm psyched because now he can start redeeming the things. It's really cute and I think he really enjoyed it. I just love how he gets all excited when he sees me and just his huge smile. He's so adorable.

So, I'm glad we had a good weekend. :)

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