Sunday, September 12, 2004

Friends With Benefits

All right, I don't get how people do this -- the whole making out with friends and then still maintaining some sort of platonicness. Maybe you have to have a certain gene to do it. But, I just can't. There's a part of me that wishes I could just have one of those no strings attached sorts of relationships. But then, there's the other, the way-too-moral part of me, that screams out at me, "Chris, don't be a slut."

I see other people around me, not necessarily just here in Boston, but also back home and at UWM, who could just make-out with guys randomly at parties during undergrad or whatever. And then never see or talk to those people in that same way again, or go back to being just friends. It's like it seems like it is something or a normal thing with college-aged kids. I guess I just never have had a normal college experience, and/or have allowed myself to have a "normal" college experience.

That possibly could be aquated to me being a prude. But, I hate to call myself a prude when I really don't think I am. It's like there's things that I would do...sure. There's things that I have done...sure. I dunno. I guess there's a difference between being a prude and just being picky. Maybe I'm just too picky. That could certainly be it.

But, how can one really be picky when one doesn't know what they want? I don't know what I want even. I guess that could be it, too. But then, wouldn't the making out with every guy be a good solution then? Yea, still can't do it when I think about it that way.

How do people do it? How can they wake up the next day and still be able to be cool with what they did? It's like there were things when I was in a relationship that I had so many problems dealing with the next day, let alone if I wasn't in a relationship, y'know?

Honestly, this is why I strongly standby the theory of Post-It notes...

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